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 Meet the Team

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Peter Brawn
Managing Director
Peter has a PhD in Cognitive Psychology and is a former fellow of Harvard Medical School. For nearly 20 years, Peter has pioneered eye tracking and multi-sensory research projects for a who’s who of corporations and consumer brands.

Steve Norcross
Director of Shopper Insights
Steve has 20 years experience in the FMCG space, working in both agency and client side roles. Having worked in the UK and across Asia Pacific for companies such as Heinz and Nestle, he brings expertise in transforming category & shopper data into insights for action.

Jonathan Eklund
Technology Specialist
Jonathan holds a BSc in I.T majoring in Business Information Systems from U.T.S. Jonathan provides the technical know-how to integrate different hardware and software solutions into a cohesive whole needed to run some of the largest eye tracking studies ever conducted.  

Andrea Yong
Data Analyst
Andrea graduated with 1st Class Honours in Visual Neuroscience at the University of Sydney, with research experience in both Vision and Psychology. As part of the Data Analytics team at Gateway Research, Andrea uses a scientific lens to examine and interpret shopper behaviour.

Hugh Zhao
Data Analyst
Hugh has a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) from the University of Sydney and is a Microsoft Certified Data Scientist. Having worked in Visual Perception and Attention labs, Hugh knows all the cool tricks to interrogating eye tracking data.